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Copy of Soulful Tree Inlaid Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn



Soulful TreeåÊInlaid Mother of Pearl Urn for Human Ashes

This 'Midnight Blue Urn' along with this enchanting color combination of blue and mother of pearl inlays make a very beautiful piece of art. The Soulful Tree engraving against the deep backgroundåÊgives thisåÊmemorial productåÊa glowing look.

It is available as a Large Urn only. It can be used as a Memorial Urn or a Burial Urn. This Metal Urn has a top-open arrangement fastened with the help of a screwed lid. This one is a furniture-friendly Funeral Urn as its base is made up of felt. This Adult Urn is one of the most beautiful Urns for Human Ashes in our collection.

Dimensional details of Cremation UrnåÊ

Size 10.5" H x 6.5" W
Volume 200 Cu in

  • All ouråÊUrns for Human AshesåÊare delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • Keepsake urn & Heart Keepsake can be purchased separately.
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