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Crimson Autumn Alloy Cremation Urn



Crimson Autumn AlloyåÊUrn for Human Ashes

This 'Crimson AutumnåÊUrn', with its amazing color combination with floral designs all over the body is made up of high quality metal and polished with glossy lacquer rendering a beautiful shine to it. This alloy cremation urn is a one-of-its-kindåÊmemorial productåÊowing to its flawless design andåÊseamless work of art.

It can be used for various purposes, like an adult urn for keeping at home, a burial urn for burial ceremony, a memorial urn for interring the cremated remains or a funeral urn for scattering depending on personal preferences. This metal urn is also available as a keepsake. Both the big and the keepsake urns are top-open vessels with threaded lid. Moreover, its felt-made bottom is furniture-friendly.

Dimensional details of Cremation Urn (Height X Volume)
Large Urn 10" X 200 cu in
Keepsake Urn 2-3/4" X 4 cu in


  • All our urns for human ashes are delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • KeepsakeåÊcremation urnåÊcan be purchased separately.
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