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Urns Size Guidelines

The people are not aware of the shapes and sizes of the cremation urns they need to buy for their loved one. It is imperative to know and understand the shapes and sizes of the cremation urns before you make a purchase.

Just like the urn for the human being, the pet urn also has the shape and sizes. You need to follow the rules while buying urn.

As you know the urn comes with different shapes and sizes you need to follow the rules here.

First of all, you need to know the approximate body weight of your loved one and pet as well.

If the body weight is one pound, then it will yield less than 1 cubic of cremation ash.

For example: 1-pound body weight = 1 cubic inch of cremation ash

So, it is very simple, if you know the weight of the loved one, then you know the cubic inches of ashes you required. For Example:The body weight of the departed person = Cubic inch size

If the departed person’s weight is 100 pounds, then you should buy the urn that is approximately 100 cubic inches or little larger can also solve the purpose.

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