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Pet Urns

Pet Cremation Urns Are the Best Ways to Remember Your Pet Forever

The pain of losing a pet is acute. It must have been your best companion till its last breath. So, besides conducting a memorial service, you can also have its cremains preserved in personalized pet urns for ashes. These are cremation vessels that are especially designed to hold the ashes of any particular animal. Pet urns for birds are not exactly of the same design as cat urns. Similarly, you will find urns for pet ashes of different price ranges to choose from at the online store of Divinity Urns. Choose the best pet cremation urns for your beloved companion from our exclusive collection.

Choosing the right size of the pet cremation urns

It is true that as compared to humans, you’d need small pet urns for ashes for your beloved dog or cat. But, how small? You must know that more than the outer dimensions of the pet memorial urns, the capacity of the pet urns matter more. The capacity of pet urns and keepsakes is generally measured in cubic inches and per cubic inch space will hold ashes equivalent to per pound of body weight of the pet. For instance, to preserve the cremains of a 100lbs dog you will need a cremation urn of 100 cubic inches. However, if you are planning to make personalized fingerprint creation jewelry, you may not choose a large urn. You just need a container to hold only a portion of the ashes.

Choose the right material for the pet urns

Are you confused about the material for the dog urns you are planning to purchase? At our store you can find pet cremation urns and boxes of different materials. Wooden pet cremation urns are generally a favorite with the pet owners panning to bury the cremains. Wooden pet urns for ashes are biodegradable and easily get decomposed in nature. Moreover, we also have brass pet urns. These metal pet urns are durable and also carved out to look beautiful. These pet remains urns are often chosen by our customers as keepsakes. At Divinity Urns we also have a great collection of well-designed pewter pet urns.

Choose the best pet urns for your companion

You must be looking for nothing but the best in pet burial urns, keepsakes, and cremation jewelry. We offer you the best quality pet cremation urns at the most reasonable prices. You can choose the most popular paw print pet urns from our store for commemorating pets with its paw print on the cremation urns. You can definitely find the right size whether you are looking for small pet cremation urns or large ones. Moreover, the quality of our urns for pet ashes is unquestionable. Browse through the section of pet urns at our store and you are sure to get impressed at our collection.

So, wait no longer and choose the pet cremation urns of your choice from our store. You will definitely look no further!
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