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Adult Urn

One Life One Story - Cremation Urns for Adults, the Best Way to Narrate

Preserving the cremains of your loved ones in cremation urns for adults, do you like this idea? Adult urns from Divinity Urns actually help you store the ashes of a deceased loved one in a unique and thoughtful manner. The practice of cremation and keeping the last remains in cremation urns for human ashes is gradually becoming the part of almost every community and family.

In fact, with cremation becoming popular and common, the cremation industry is witnessing a boost. Manufacturers are producing varieties of cremation urns for adults to meet the needs of the mourning families - that include cremation urns for adults, keepsakes for ashes, heart urn, biodegradable urn, infant urns, religious urns and so on. So, if you also want to pamper the memories of a deceased loved one, Divinity Urns is the best choice.

Final disposition and cremation urns for adults

Final disposition is a ritual that almost every family has to think about and plan, at least once in the lifetime. Cremation vaults help you pacify your pain as such products help you feel that your loved one has gone nowhere. You get the vibes that he or she is close you and resting in peace in a heart shaped cremation urn for adults you kept his or her cremains in.

Adult urns are practical solutions

Many people, although think that preserving ashes in cremation urns for adults is not pious and positive; still, it has become as regular as traditional burial in burial cremation urns for adults. One of the best parts - if you want to carry out a traditional funeral followed by a burial ceremony, you can easily also do that with our adult urns. You can check out our cremation urns for burial collection for the same. Our memorial urns are not only crafted with excellence, but also practicality. Therefore, you’ll find something to meet the needs of every family.

Say it with wooden adult urns

If your deceased loved one was a nature lover, then wooden cremation urns for adults might be your first choice. First of all, wood cremation urns are beautiful and elegant. Secondly, such cremation urns for adults are biodegradable and do not damage the nature. Thirdly, biodegradable cremation urns should be an ideal choice for a person who loves nature and every element of it. Lastly, biodegradable urns for human ashes are the perfect choice for a traditional burial. Our cheap adult urns are light on your pocket with no compromise on quality and aesthetics. Many people confuse the word ‘cheap’. Many assume that cheap is not high-quality. However, at Divinity Urns, ‘cheap’ means ‘extremely pocket-friendly’.

Children are special; show your gratitude with infant urns

Losing your angle, your little one, is one of the worst things life can present you with. However, you cannot defy destiny and law of nature. All you can do is show your love and gratitude with our infant urns for ashes. These angel urns are beautifully designed using different materials right from wood, glass, ceramic to brass and many other materials. As far as urns for ashes for kids is concerned, Purple Cremation urns are the most preferred ones. You can try our engraved urns, as well. In such wooden on metal cremation urns, you can etch the name and date of birth of your child. You can also take a look at our cremation urns for burial collection, if you wish to do a traditional burial ceremony.

Do check with the relevant authority before buying keepsake cremation urns

Things can get even more painful, if you have to fly with a cremation box. The reason – there are a number of formalities that are needed to be completed before you fly. The most important thing – make sure to check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regarding their rules and regulations, when it comes to flying with funeral urns for ashes. Although airport authorities of different countries operate differently, carrying scannable wooden urn box or a brass urn that can be scanned by the airport officials is the best thing to do. Marble cremation urns for adults or a burial vault that meet the parameters can also be purchased.

Understanding sizing is crucial

Suppose you are planning to buy marble cremation urns. Such cremation boxes for ashes come in different sizes. And, the sizing guide says, 1 pound of your body weight is equal to 1 cubic inch of ashes. So, standard marble, brass or wooden angel urns for human ashes are designed accordingly. So, if you are looking for burial urns for human ashes for an adult, our adult urns can be the best resort. Divinity Urns also showcase cremation urns for large adults, infants and pets.

The concept of cremation jewelry is age old

You might have heard of people wearing the ashes of their loved ones in the form of jewelry. We also showcase a wide collection of such funeral urns jewelry like heart urn necklace, purple urn pendants, rings, key rings and so on. Besides adult urns jewelry, you can also purchase cremation urns for adults based on the hobbies of the deceased, for example – a fishing urn for a fishing aficionado, marble urns or stone urns can be amazing for people who love rock collection. You can also choose cremation urns for adults designed according to professions, like military urns for servicemen and the unsung heroes of the nation.

Capture Memories in cremation urns for adults

Life is all about memories. Every second that passes by adds to the bag of memories. And, when someone leaves this material world forever, nothing is left other than the shadows of time. Divinity Urns’ heart keepsake urns and collection of cremation urns for adults including, scattering and burial urns are the best ways to throw some light on the shadows that life leaves behind.

At Divinity Urns, we understand that it is not easy to say goodbye. Therefore, we present to you with a number of adult urns to help you heal the pain and accept the fact that life is so unpredictable.