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Buddy Pewter Pet Cremation Urn- Large

$60.00 $90.00

$60.00 $90.00

Buddy Pewter Pet Cremation Urn - Large

The 'BuddyåÊPewter Pet Cremation Urn'åÊis a solid brass urn colored in a shade of pewter and designed with golden paw mark on the top of the lid. This pet cremation urn will add life to the memories of a departed pet.

This dog cremation urn comes with a top-open arrangement with a threaded lid and felt bottom.

Dimensional details of Cremation Urn

Size 4.5" Diameter x 6" H
Volume 70åÊcu in

åÊNote:åÊAll pet cremation urns will be delivered in an attractive velvet bag.

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