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Tealight Urn

Tealight Urns - Tealight Keepsake Cremation Urn for Ashes, Tealights for Adults, Funeral, Burial, Memorials Online

Light Candles on Tealight Urns to Alight the Memories of Your Loved Ones Forever

The death of loved ones entails emptiness and darkness inside the hearts of family members. Choose cremation urns for human ashes like the tealight urns from Divinity Urns to preserve the cremains. These cremation boxes will let you burn a candle each day to keep the memories of the loved ones fresh and alighted in your hearts. The soothing light from the tealight urns or the funeral urns for ashes will be comforting, not just to you but for other family members too.

For the elder members of your family, these tealight keepsake urns will connote a memorial service or a holy spiritual practice in the memories of the deceased family members. Tealight urns will connote the warmth in the relationship with the departed person. You may also choose to pick angel urns for human ashes as well as small infant urns from the store as well. A biodegradable urn can be used for water burial or for keeping at a columbarium. Wooden urns for human ashes are quite popular for such ideas too. Burial urns for human ashes are often made from biodegradable materials.

Our tealight urns are the best gifts!

Crafted with excellence, our keepsake cremation boxes for ashes with tealights do not just look awesome, but these cremation urns for adults also are great gifts for your family members. For instance, if you’ve recently lost your uncle in an unfortunate accident, and are finding no words to comfort your grieving aunt and her children, you could gift a burial vault or a purple urn. You can transfer the cremains of your uncle into a heart keepsake urn and gift that to his immediate family members. The warm lights of the tealights in the form of a hobby-based fishing urn, engraved burial vault, and a wooden urn box from our store are sure to bring some comfort to the relatives.

We have a lot of variety

All the tealight urns, burial urns, memorial urns, and infant urns for ashes from the store of Divinity Urns are often used as keepsake cremation urns and the ones to be used as tee lights are sure to incorporate a candle holder. There are different sizes of the biodegradable cremation urns available on our site. Thus, you can choose to preserve a portion or whole of the cremains of your loved ones in the cremation urns for adults available at our store.

We understand that you are selective about choosing the best tealight urns for your loved ones. And, we let you select! At Divinity Urns, you get tealight urns made of best quality brass. These are often found in the category of purple cremation urns. These elegantly designed, lacquer-quoted urns are great as keepsakes and can be placed on the mantle or on a shelf. The urns are also available in many different colors with designs and carvings on them. We also have sand cast tealight urns for cremains, which when alighted create a beautiful ambiance inside your home.

To be able to keep the cremains forever closer to your heart you can choose a heart urn necklace from our store. These are smaller than cremation urns for burial and are beautiful to be able to be made into jewelry pieces.  

Differently designed tealight urns can be a great choice!

Divinity Urns brings to you the best quality, handcrafted and hand-picked cremation vaults and funeral urns for preserving the cremains of your departed relatives. While the tea light urns are available in lacquer coating, there are similar cremation urns for burial with gold and black tints. You can also check our inventory for wood cremation urns or marble urns with floral embossing. You might especially love the meticulously created metallic bands on the metal cremation urns. Each of the designs on stone urns as well as angel urns from our collection of urns for human ashes is discreet as well as sophisticated.

Buy tealight urns along with burial urns

If your family has decided to bury the cremains of your loved ones, but you think otherwise and want to preserve the last remains, we can help. We would like to advise you that when purchasing burial urns for ashes, you should also place orders for tea light urns, as many as you want. You may keep one brass urn or a heart urn for yourself and gift the others to friends and relatives who also want to keep a part of the cremains with them.

Tealights are considered great as religious urns for human ashes. Many people purchase these keepsakes for ashes to commemorate the religious individuals. We have a substantial stock of tealight urns so order as many as you want. Besides, you can also pick angel urns, marble cremation urns, military urns, and engraved urns from our store. We ensure fast delivery and the bought adult urns will reach you in good shape.

Baroque Red Tealight Cremation Urn

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Golden Aura Tealight Cremation Urn

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Baroque Tealight Urn in Blue

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Golden Aura Tealight Cremation Urn

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Baroque Tealight Urn in Pearl

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Ribbon Tealight Urn in Pink

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Solace Tree Tealight Urn in Green

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Tealight Urn in Silver and Gold

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