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Urn for Human Ashes

Urns for Human Ashes - Urn for Ashes for Adults, Funeral, Burial, Memorials Online

What Are The Probable Options You Have With Our Urns For Ashes?

Here at Divinity Urns, we have a large stock of cremation urns for human ashes. Choose from a large stock of adult urns as well as infant urns.  You can get the choicest burial vault from here too. We have a fair understanding that everyone has a different choice and need when it comes to choosing unique urns for ashes for their loved ones. So, you must glance through our vivid collection of hundreds of different types and designs of cremation burial urns for ashes for adults.

There is hardly a variety of urns for ashes for adults that you will not find here! From jewelry urns to large urns for ashes as decorative pieces, we have all that you want. But at this time of crisis, you may not be able to decide what you exactly want to do with the cremains of your loved one. Thus, you are finding it difficult to choose appropriate cremation boxes. You may scatter the cremains on the water or on the land, and for this purpose you can use biodegradable cremation urns.

You may also want to keep the urns for ashes for adults as keepsakes in your home. Such cremation urns for human ashes can be kept on the mantle or the shelf in your living room. In fact, we also have cremation urns for humans to preserve in a columbarium or in a niche. We have biodegradable human urns for cremated remains that can be used for burial. Choose an affordable wooden urn box from our store.

Scattering the ashes in a distant place

We have a stock of specialized scattering urns for ashes for adults. If you are planning to travel to a specific location with the urns for cremated remains to scatter or bury the cremains, you will have to travel with the urns for humans ashes. Our burial urns for human ashes are TSA approved. So, you can pick any of our unique urns for ashes without hesitation. We ensure that you will not have any problem to place the urns for ashes in the bin at the airport. The scanners at the airports will be able to scan the urns for humans ashes. When traveling with the urns for human ashes you just need to make sure that you are carrying the cremation permit with you as well as the other papers that are required at the airports. Scannable, large urns for ashes from Divinity Urns will help in speeding up the process of checking at the airports as well as train stations.

Divinity Urns’ wood cremations urns for humans are biodegradable and 100% non-toxic. Thus, you won’t be in any kind of problems while traveling with the urns for human ashes from our store. We, however, suggest that while traveling with human urns for ashes, you need to carry them in your carry-along luggage. So, the cremains of your loved ones will not be misplaced if accidentally the luggage containing the cremation urns for humans is lost. Marble cremation urns may even get damaged if mishandled.  

We stock only unique and modern urns for ashes

Most of the urns for ashes that you find at the store of Divinity Urns are unique and well-designed. We offer you a great stock of urns for human ashes that you will hardly find anywhere else. We handpick all cremation boxes for ashes in our inventory just for you. We know that you are seeking the best urns for human ashes for your loved ones and won’t compromise with your choice. So, with this understanding, we have stocked cremation urns for humans that are unique and original in all respects.

Check the range of highly designed modern urns for ashes like the metal urns for human ashes or choose intricately designed urns for human ashes. The designs, shapes, and patterns of all urns for humans ashes are different so much so that you are really spoilt for choices here.

All varieties of urns for ashes and vaults are available 24x7

The online store of divinity urns is open 24 x 7. So, you can shop for the best cremation urns for burial at any time of the day. If you have any queries about our funeral urns for humans ashes or are looking for something special that you can’t find in our inventory, call us or email us the details. We will definitely try to provide the exact wood urn box you’ve been looking for. Our exclusive line of keepsakes for ashes are extraordinary and experts ever ready to help you find exactly whatever you require, make us one of the most sought-after companies for cremation urns for ashes.

We stock urns for ashes of different materials

Wood, brass, stone, or plastic, whatever is your choice for urns for human ashes; you will get dozens of choices in our reputed store. While the marble urns for humans ashes with engrossed designs are best as keepsakes, a large urn of stone can be used as a memorabilia over the mantle or a shelf. A biodegradable urn for humans ashes could be used for water burial. Furthermore, small, affordable urns for ashes can be converted into jewelry for cremation urns for humans.

With the urns for human ashes, you can make jewelry pieces like pendants or rings. You can wear the human urns jewelry during special occasions or family events. Thus, we leave you with many options if you are choosing cremation infant urns for ashes from our inventory of urns for ashes for adults.

Whether you are choosing stone urns, brass urns, or purple urns for human ashes made of metal, you can rest assured that you are choosing the most affordable urns for ashes. You may even find a beautiful heart urn necklace at the store. A heart keepsake urn is one of the most popular choices.

Personalized urns for ashes for you

Imagine a large urn with the name and details of your loved one written on it! Isn’t it a great idea? Choose human urns from our store that have personalization like engraved name and even photos of the deceased relatives. We also have a stock of keepsake cremation urns that are specially themed like sports cremation urns for humans, and military urns for humans ashes.

A large urn with camouflage patterns from our store can be used for preserving the cremains of an army person. Similarly, human urns for ashes in the shape of an angel or a teddy can be used for preserving the cremains of an infant. Personalized urns for ashes look great and are preferred too. Wood cremation urns for humans ashes are often kept inside vaults before burial. Customized cremation vaults are often used for keeping the cremains in a columbarium or in a cemetery.

Varieties available at the store

Our store has an impressive stock of angel urns as well as other varieties as well. For keeping the cremains of infants, one can choose a heart urn. A fishing urn for humans ashes is for an individual who had kept special interest in the sport or enjoyed fishing as a hobby. Infant urns for ashes also feature photographs as well as quotes. Likewise, the store also has a good stock of military urns for commemorating the people who served in the army.

Purple cremation urns are for those who are looking for something beautiful. A metal cremation urn is generally for those looking for something strong. Some customers also prefer religious urns for keeping the cremain of their loved ones. So, when it comes to memorial urns, the options are many! You just need to choose the most appropriate ones.

We have different sizes of urns for human ashes in our inventory. Thus, if you are planning to preserve the entire cremains, you can choose large urns for human ashes.

Buy an urn of the most appropriate sizes. Funeral urns for ashes should be chosen based on a particular formula. We recommend that you choose an urn based on the capacity. Thus, per unit body weight in pounds corresponds to one cubic inch of space inside an urn. Likewise, you can choose an adult or an infant urn. However, we recommend wooden urns for human ashes that are a few cubic inches large, especially when the person had been bulky or tall. But in case you are planning to create jewelry for urns for ashes, you need to choose small urns.

Buy urn for ashes from us if you wish to get the best ones at the most affordable price for your loved one. We surely cannot soothe your pain of losing the dear one, but can definitely ease your efforts in choosing the best quality angel urns for human ashes for preserving his/her cremains.


Golden Butterfly Cremation Urn

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Classic Violet Purple Alloy Cremation Urn

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Lavender Love Cremation Urn

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Lavender Love Cremation Urn

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Antique Rose Cremation Urn

61 of 100 Sold


Golden Butterfly Urn For Ashes

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Classic Cremation Urn in Pewter

72 of 100 Sold


Classic Three-band Cremation Urn

79 of 100 Sold


American Flag Military Urn

76 of 100 Sold


Lavender Love Urn For Ashes

75 of 100 Sold


Golden Aura Tealight Cremation Urn

78 of 100 Sold


Classic 3-band Cremation Urn

100 of 200 Sold

$99.00 $79.00

Classic Maus Granite Cremation Urn

98 of 100 Sold


Elegant White & Silver Cremation Urn

79 of 100 Sold


Delta Atlas Floral Cremation Urn

79 of 100 Sold


Capella Burgundy Cremation Urn

80 of 100 Sold


Beige Starfish Biodegradable Sand Urn

80 of 100 Sold


Flying Dove Biodegradable Sand Urn

78 of 100 Sold

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