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Military & Veteran Urns

For Our Soldiers Who Never Cared for their Lives – Our Exquisite Range of Military Urns

Unconditional love is all they had to present us with. What else other than military urns can be the best memorial for those brave hearts? Divinity Urns, a leading manufacturer and seller of cremation urns for human ashes, offers high-quality and brilliantly crafted military cremation urns for those who died just to make sure that we live in peace. Our military urns are way more than just a few cremation boxes that are used to store the cremated remains. Our military cremation urns are the best memorials to salute the love for the nation and sportsman spirit. So, if you are planning to buy urns for human ashes for military men, we assure you premium quality funeral urns, affordable prices and satisfaction.

Explore the celestial collection of military urns

These days families of the deceased are discovering and coming up with a number of interesting things to do with the cremains. At Divinity Urns, we are just keeping pace with them with our exquisite collection of cremation urns for adults. Scattering the ashes is an age old trend. And, needless to mention, but it is still trending. As far as scattering the ashes is concerned, biodegradable cremation urns make the best memorial urns options. The reason is - these urns for ashes decompose easily and do not harm the nature.

Our military cremation urns are practical

Some families, in order to fulfill the last wish of their loved ones and being practical at the same time, perform an amalgamation of ceremonies. Those include, burial and keepsake and scattering and keepsake. If you are looking forward to the former option, you can buy both - cremation urns for burial and metal or wooden urns for human ashes. If your choice involves – scattering and keeping the cremains at home, you can go for eco-friendly funeral urns for ashes as well as beautiful marble cremation urns. Our military urns collection includes a wide range of options that you’ll love to explore.

Get our military cremation urns personalized

What if you want the name of the deceased to be there on the body of the military cremation urn you want to purchase? We also have engraved urns where you can get the name and date of birth of the deceased etched.  Our keepsake cremation urns, angel urns for human ashes, metal cremation urns and everything we sell, are designed with the sole intention of providing the family members of the departed a bit of peace of mind and the feeling of closeness with the family member who is no more.

Military cremation urns for various purposes

When it comes to scattering the ashes, then, apart from our marble urns and wood cremation urns collection, you can also consider our biodegradable urns that are popularly known as scattering tubes. Divinity Urns’ military cremation urns, just like other veteran urns and adult urns like purple cremation urns, religious urns, burial urns for human ashes and cremation vaults are available in different colors, designs, styles and most importantly, sizes. So, you have the option to choose according to your needs. No matter which color or design you choose, make sure to be very careful about the sizing. If you purchase a burial vault or stone urns without researching about what size of urn you are choosing, you might be purchasing the incorrect size.

Consider the right size of military cremation urns

It is very easy to pick the right size of military cremation urns. All you need to do is consider the body weight of the deceased and convert it into cubic inches. For example – 220 pounds of body weight will get reduced to 220 cubic inches of ashes. So, you’ll have to buy a wooden urn box, a brass urn, a fishing urn or simply an elegant heart urn that can hold 220 cubic inches of ashes. The same calculation is applicable when you need to purchase infant urns for ashes or burial urns or angel urns.

Keepsake military urns and their sizing

What about keepsakes for ashes? How to calculate the sizing for the same? It’s a very good question, indeed. Keepsake cremation boxes for ashes are miniatures of full-size military urns or cremation urns for burial. Quite obviously, it won’t hold all the ashes that you are likely to get after cremation. Keepsake wood cremation urns or military burial urns are therefore a good choice for families who prefer distributing the ashes among the surviving family members. Also, keepsake military urns or heart keepsake urns can also be used for the purpose of preserving a little amount of cremains after scattering or burying the remaining portion of the ashes.

Military cremation urns and other accessories

Divinity Urns’ cremation jewelry collection is also making a buzz among the buyers. Right from our elegant military urns jewelry to the exquisite selection of heart urn necklaces, pendants and bracelets, with us, you’ll search for unique military cremation urns jewelry will come to an end, because, each and every product we showcase is designed with love, care and compassion.

Cremation urns for the little ones

We understand the pain of losing the youngest member of your family, your child. Therefore, our infant urns section is designed with ultimate care. Whether you are looking for a purple urn for your child or a blue or pink one, just click on our kid’s collection and you’ll open yourself to a huge world of cuddly and lovely collection of cremation urns.

Get seamless customer care support with our military cremation urns

At Divinity Urns, we believe that we cannot lessen your pain or bring what’s gone to reality. However, we can be by your side when you need to feel proximity to the deceased. Apart from our seamless military urns and other products, we also provide you with impeccable customer care support to help you with your queries. Whenever you’ll need any help while purchasing military cremation urns or any other variant, we are just a phone call away. We are so very happy to help you.

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