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Brass & Metal Urns - Brass & Metal Cremation Urn for Ashes, Brass & Metal Urn for Adults, Funeral, Burial, Memorials

Commemorating the Memories of Your Loved One? Say it with an Elegant Brass Urn

After having a word with your family members have you decided to buy a brass urn for your deceased loved one? If so, then you’ll probably keep the remains of the departed soul at your home, right? Divinity Urns brings to you high-quality and beautifully crafted metal cremation urns so that you can commemorate the memories of your loved ones in a special way. A brass urn does not need any introduction. It has its own beauty and charm. And, the way we craft each and every brass urn and all the other cremation urns for human ashes available with us adds more life to it.

A brass urn for the deceased to make you feel better

How urns for human ashes help us feel better? You might be wondering about the same. Dear reader, at the end of the day, we are the puppets in the hand of nature. We don’t have any control over our fate. When something is decided by the destiny, it will happen, no matter what. Death is one of those preplanned things. It does not care, if or not you like it or not, it does care who will be sad and tormented. It comes all of a sudden and everything comes to a standstill for the time being. At Divinity Urns, we understand how painful such a phase of life could be. Our beautiful collection of brass cremation urns and keepsakes for ashes are especially designed to make you feel better and to make you feel the deep connection between you and the deceased all the time.  

The best ever collection of brass urn you’ll love

As far as funeral urns are concerned, metal cremation urns are not new. You’ll find them in almost every cremation shop. However, our collection is colossal and unique. And, every product available with us be it a burial vault, a biodegradable urn, angel urns, wood cremation urns, marble urns, infant urns or engraved urns are crafted with compassion and excellence. Also, we are online. This is one of the best things about us.

When someone dies in a family, it becomes very hard for the surviving family members to cope with the tormenting situation. People almost lose interest in life. In such a painful situation, if someone has to move around to buy a brass urn or any other urns for ashes, it’ll definitely hurt a lot. Therefore, Divinity Urns has come up with its online shop where you can find different types of cremation urns for adults, pets and infants.

Finding the right brass urn

We have a huge collection of burial urns for human ashes and other cremation boxes for ashes. Right from brass cremation urns to so many other variants like wood, ceramic, stone, marble and alloy, we have a unique collection of cremation urns and jewelry. If you are looking for a high-quality and attractive brass urn or heart urn, you have come to the right place. We literally bring to you a world of options. We showcase different types of products crafted using different materials and in sizes, colors, designs, styles and forms. On clicking our brass urn section, you’ll be surprised. In fact, our memorial urns collection including the Purple Cremation urns, adult urns, funeral urns for ashes, burial urns for human ashes and everything we showcase will keep you glued to Divinity Urns.

Brass urn and sizing

One of the most crucial things that you should not forget when buying metal cremation urns or wooden urns for human ashes or simply cremation boxes. As already told, cremation urns for burial and other purposes are available in different sizes, no matter a brass urn or any other product. If you overlook this aspect, then you are more likely to end up buying a wrong product. If you are looking for an infant or kid urn, then a small brass urn would do. However, if you are looking for an adult urn, then you should go for a full-size urn instead of infant urns for ashes. The standard sizing formulae used by the entire cremation industry goes like this – 1 pound of body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes. So, if a person weighs 220 pounds, he or she will need a brass urn, a heart urn a that can hold up to 220 cubic inches of ashes or more.

A keepsake brass urn for all

If you have a big family and everyone wants a portion of cremains, then you can go for keepsake metal cremation urns instead of full-size funeral urns or cremation urns for burial. These keepsake brass cremation urns are miniature boxes that hold a small quantity of ashes than full-size solid brass urns. In case of equal division of ashes among family members, keepsake brass urns or keepsake burial urns make the ideal choice (provided you want a traditional final disposition).

Would you like to wear cremation jewelry?

Apart from a brass urn, you have a good option to consider. And, it’s cremation jewelry like a heart urn necklace. Even if you buy a brass urn, a wooden urn box or one of the most thoughtfully designed stone urns, you can still buy cremation jewelry. Just like a brass urn and other products available with us, Divinity Urns’ jewelry collection is also huge and stunning. How a cremation jewelry different from a brass urn? A brass urn can hold a greater quantity of ashes in comparison to cremation jewelry. The latter can only hold a small portion of cremains. Apart from cremated remains, you can also keep cremation flowers, nails or hair locks inside cremation jewelry.

Cremation jewelry for the feeling of closeness

Although a brass urn will make you feel close to the deceased soul, cremation jewelry adds more to the connection. The reason – you cannot take a brass urn wherever you go, right? However, you can wear cremation jewelry to wherever you go. In this way, you can feel an eternal connect all the time. An important note – although all our products are intricately and carefully designed, it is better if you not wear cremation jewelry while taking a bath. It might damage the cremains in case, water accidentally seeps in. You never know, you might forget to tightly fasten the screw, maybe you did not see if the screw is not tight. Such occurrences are very common and might happen to you as well.

Traveling with a brass urn

In case, you have to fly with a brass urn or any other type of urn, make sure to check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in the first place. Different countries have different rules when it comes to travelling with a brass urn or any other type of cremation urn. Knowing the rules and regulations beforehand will help you avoid unwanted hassles in the future. When you are already heartbroken, travel-related hassles will only add to the pain and nothing else. So, it’s better to be well-informed.

No matter a brass urn or jewelry

Whether you buy a brass urn, a fishing urn, military urns, religious urns, heart keepsake urn or cremation jewelry to pay your heartfelt homage to your deceased loved one, the love and blessings of your loved one will always be with you. Divinity Urns will always try to bring to you the best possible products, at best possible rates. Yes, our keepsake cremation urns, cremation vaults, biodegradable cremation urns, angel urns for human ashes, purple urn and all the other metal cremation urns and marble cremation urns are uniquely crafted to make you feel the special connect.


Classic Baby Blue Brass Cremation Urn

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Classic Cloud Blue Brass Cremation Urn

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Classic Gold Brass Cremation Urn

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$150.99 $79.99

Sunflower Engraved Brass Cremation Urn

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Customized Brass Engraved Name Plates

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Teal Butterfly Brass Cremation Urn

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Empire Platinum Brass Cremation Urn

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Crimson Marble Brass Cremation Urn

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