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Dog Urns, Dog Cremation Urn for Pet Dog Ashes

Finding the Right Dog Cremation Urns at our Store

Your dog was your best friend. But unfortunately you’ve lost him/her recently. While you grieve your dog’s death, you can keep its cremains closer to you forever in dog cremation urns. The dog shaped urns are beautifully designed and crafted to look awesome. At Divinity Urns you will also get amazing pet memorial jewelry at reasonable prices.

Choosing the right size of dog urns for ashes

At the online store of Divinity Urns you will find different sizes of pet urns for dog ashes. While there are some large dog urns for holding the entire cremains of the pet, there are small dog cremation urns as well. The size of dog urns for ashes you’d choose will depend on the amount of cremains you prefer to preserve, your lifestyle, and your perspective on the death of the pet. In fact, not just dog cremation urns; we also have a wonderful collection of pet urns for cats.

To preserve a wee amount of the cremains of a pet, you should choose small dog urns for ashes. At our store you can even opt for personalizing the beautiful dog urns. Get your dog urns engraved with its name or any quote that you’d like to remember it with. These unique dog urns will be best as keepsakes or showpieces over the mantle or on a shelf in the bedroom/living room.

Pet urns for dog ashes for burial

Do you like to bury the cremated remains of your beloved pet? Then you must choose wooden dog urns for ashes. These pet cremation urns are biodegradable and will allow the ashes to get back to nature easily. Generally, large dog urns for ashes are chosen to put the entire cremains and bury it in the ground. Small dog urns are used for making pet cremation jewelry and keepsakes for home. That is the reason you need to plan a cremation well before you choose to buy wooden dog urns.  

Custom dog urns for burial from Divinity Urns

Personalized dog urns are available at our store. You just need to choose the urns that you like and place an order for personalization. You can order for engraving the name or the pet or any specific design on the urns. You can even choose to have a paw engraved on the urns. We understand that you have your own unique way to remember your companion through pet urns for dog ashes. That is the reason we have a special section for choosing customized urns for dog cremains.

So, wait no more and browse through the collection of our pet urns for dog ashes. You are sure to find your favorite ones here. Buying pet urns for dog ashes from our store, is also easy and you will get you merchandise delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Dog Bone with Bow Keepsake Pendant

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Bone Pet Keepsake Cremation Pendant

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Paw Keepsake Cremation Urn- Gold

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Paw Keepsake Cremation Urn - Pewter

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Buddy Slate Pet Cremation Urn- Small

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Buddy Slate Pet Cremation Urn- Large

80 of 100 Sold


Red Dog Statue Pet Cremation Urn

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Dog Angel Pet Cremation Urn

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Classic Paw Print Pet Crimation Urn

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Canine Pure Metal Dog Cremation Urn

81 of 100 Sold

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