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Burial Urns

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How Burial Urns can be Used for Various Burial Options

When it comes to burying the cremains of a loved one in a cemetery, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Burial urns, being one of the most preferred by most of the families are the best ways to honor the departed soul. In general, cremation urns for human ashes like a burial vault, can be buried in a local cemetery, a burial plot, entombed in a columbarium or simply kept at home. Depending on the purpose or the final disposition practice, the family of a deceased person is going to perform, burial urns vary a lot. At Divinity Urns, we bring to you an entire range of unique burial urns, urns for human ashesbiodegradable cremation urns and other types and forms of memorial urns.

Dear reader, life is a very erratic thing that can change lanes as and when needed, sometimes even without a hint. And, we human beings are just like finger-puppet in life’s unpredictable hands. Life controls us like nothing else. Isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of the most common burial methods followed by people, worldwide.

Interring burial urns in a columbarium

While you can keep the cremated remains in burial urns for human ashes in a columbarium, do you have an idea about what a columbarium actually is? It is a building constructed above the ground especially to store cremated remains in different types of cremation boxes. One of the main constituents of a columbarium is niches, small spaces on the wall. The niches are generally o the sizes of funeral urns. Every niche is designed to hold single burial urn or other cremation urns for adults. However, if you want you can purchase multiple niches for keeping multiple urns for ashes, like angel urns, wood cremation urns, marble urns, metal cremation urns, etc.

What happens after interring burial urns?

Once the burials urns or other adult urns like keepsakes for ashes, wooden urns for human ashes, marble cremation urns, military urns etc. have been placed inside the niche, a bronze commemorative inscription is placed inside the same for identification purpose. Just like the prices of cremation urns for burial vary depending on the size, made and model of the products, the cost of niches in a columbarium also varies on the basis of their location inside a columbarium. So, before choosing cremation urns for burial, cremation boxes for ashes, infant urns for ashes, heart keepsake urns, religious urns, purple cremation urns or simply a brass urn, do not forget to check out the prices if you are on a tight budget.

At Divinity Urns, we understand such issues pretty well. So, our collection has something for every burial cremation urns for adults, infants and pets.

Burying burial urns in urn gardens

There are a number of cemeteries that have special urn gardens for burying burial urns for human ashes. In some areas, you’ll find small dedicated areas for burying burial urns for cremated remains, whereas, in some places, you’ll find elaborated ones with decorative elements like benches, fountains, rocks and other landscape patterns.

Some couples are special and they share an eternal bond that not even death can break. Are you looking for burial urns for two, companion keepsake cremation urns or companion cremation vaults? You say it, we have it. Companion urns for burial in ground for two people have to compartments for keeping the cremains segregated from each other, but they have the same body. It’s just like two bodies, one soul.

Burial urns in a cremation plot

If you want you can also buy a plot for buying the ashes of your loved ones there in burial urns. As the amount or rather you can say the size of burials urns or stone urns are smaller than a casket, most of the cemeteries will let you bury the cremains of multiple people in the same burial plot. It is very important to check all these things with the cemetery beforehand to avoid any kind of hassle in the future. After all, you would always want the afterlife of your deceased loved one to be peaceful, right?

Love your family, but don’t forget about Mother Nature – go green

When it comes to performing the ground burial, biodegradable burial urns should be your main preference. The reason – as the name suggests, a biodegradable urn can easily get decomposed, thereby avoiding environmental pollution. Biodegradable burial urns for human ashes like wooden urn box and urns made up of salt, sand, and paper components are good options for nature lovers, as well.

Choose burial urns according to your needs

Funeral urns for ashes with Divinity Urns are also designed according to different aspects of a human being, like his her hobbies, profession, and other stuff. So, if you are looking for something that resembles the departed soul, you can always try those burial urns or other products like engraved urns, angel urns for human ashes, infant urns and so on. Was your loved one a big-time fishing freak? Why don’t you go for our fishing urns? What else could be the best way to remember a fishing enthusiast other than fishing burial urns for human ashes?

What apart from burial urns?

Apart from cremation urns for burial, at Divinity Urns, you’ll also get to find a number of other cremation products like heart urn necklaces, pendants, colorful burial urns like a purple urn, red urn, white urn, uniquely shaped burial urns like heart urns, baseball bat urns, football urn, etc. We open you to a world of unique and exquisite cremation products because we know your loved ones are special for you and your family.

So, these are some of the most important things about burials urns and in how many ways burials urns can be used. Have you ever given a thought to pre-planning your own cremation? Yes, if you are hearing it for the first time, then it might sound a bit weird to you. However, it has a number of benefits. The most important one is lessening the pain and burden of your family member’s shoulders.