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Bowling Pin Classic Sports Cremation Urn




Bowling Pin Classic Sports Urn for Human Ashes

This 'Bowling Pin Urn' is a premium Sports Urn from our collection. This White & Red Urn is designed exactly like a bowling pin to commemorate a bowling sport lover. It is a Brass Cremation Urn carved out from high quality metal and coated with shiny white color with two red bands at the neck region resembling a bowling pin.

This Funeral Urn is suitable for both burial and keepsaking as its serves the purpose of both - a Memorial Urn as well as a Burial Urn. Whether to use this Adult Urn for keepsaking or burial depends on many factors, especially, personal preferences. These types of Urns for Human Ashes have a bottom-opening arrangement with a threaded cover. It is available as a Large Urn only.

Dimensional details of Cremation Urn (Height X Volume)

Size 15"
Volume 200 Cu in

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