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"Emerald Green" murano bead cremation Bracelet

$34.99 $99.00

$34.99 $99.00

"Emerald Green" Murano Bead Cremation Bracelet

This ‰Û÷Emerald Green Bracelet‰۪ is an amalgamation of quality, precision and art of jewelry making. Carved out of high quality stainless steel and emerald green Murano beads, this cremation jewelry adorns a beautiful charm as the center piece that resembles a clef, a musical note. The charm is especially crafted to hold the cremated remains, funeral flowers or locks of hair of a deceased. This cremation jewelry comes with a top opening arrangement that fastens with the help of a screw. Being an epitome of unparalleled artwork and flawless craftsmanship, this cremation bracelet makes an ideal memorial product.

Dimensional Details

Size : 8" chain Keepsake

Volume - 1/2 cu inch

Note ‰ÛÒ All our cremation jewelry is delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
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