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Lavender Bloom Cremation Urn




Lavender Bloom Urn for Human Ashes

This LavenderåÊ& Silver Urn elucidates liveliness. When a person is no more, all that is left behind is the memories. With this Brass Cremation Urn, those memories can be kept alive. It is a Handcrafted Urn with a purple body embellished with silver bands.

Made from high quality brass, this Adult Urn offers durability and affordability. Also, this Funeral Urn can be used as a Memorial Urn or Burial Urn, depending on the rituals followed. Urns for Human Ashes of these designs come with a top-open arrangement fastened with a threaded cover and a felt bottom.

Dimensional details of Cremation UrnåÊ

Size 8"L x 8"W x 11"H
Volume 200 cu in


  • All ouråÊUrns for Human AshesåÊare delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • Keepsake urn & Heart Keepsake can be purchased separately.


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