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University Of Oregon Sports Helmet Urn



University Of Oregon Fan Series Sports Cremation Helmet Urn - Fan Series Collegiate Sports & Adult Helmet Urn From the Universities

 The University Of Oregon Football Cremation Helmet Urn is made of solid metal with a perfect surface lacquer coat to preserve its sheen and brilliance. This Helmet Urn is uniquely handcrafted using an ancient crafting process called sand-casting. The cremation remains can be added by opening the top lid and pouring the ash into the top, which holds the ashes up to 200 cubic inches.

The University Of Oregon Fan Series Collegiate Sports Cremation Helmet Urn is a unique piece of urn looks like a trophy, thus preserving the memories of your loved ones in the true spirit of the sport. The fan series collegiate Helmet Urn is a licensed product and when added to the Helmet Urn base makes a beautiful memorial product for the fan.

This ADULT Helmet Urn holds up to 200 cubic inches of cremains and approximate measure is that 1-pound weight prior to cremation equals 1 cubic inch after cremation.

Product Details:
Helmet Urn Size: Standard Adult Cremation Helmet Urn Helmet Urn
Dimensions: Height 10-inches, width 7-inches.
Helmet Urn Capacity: 200 Cubic Inches (Room for a 200 Lbs. Person)
Helmet Urn Color: Team Color
Helmet Urn Material: Solid Metal
Helmet Urn Opening: Top opening secured by lid.
Engraving Options: Custom Engraved Plate for and Extra Charge 

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  • All our Urns for Human Ashes are delivered in an attractive velvet bag.
  • Keepsake urn & Heart Keepsake can be purchased separately.
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