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The course of coping with the loss of a loved one is different for different people. Some isolate themselves from the world and mourn, while some find closure early. All of it varies from person to person and relation to relation.

If you are looking for thoughtful closure, cremation jewelry may help you with it in the most satisfying manner. It lets you keep the cremated remains of your loved one close to you. You may also store locks of hair, dried flowers, a piece of clothing, or earth in them to memorialize the stunning life of the deceased.

There are different types of memorial jewelry available at top-notch shops like Divinity Urns. So, buying one should not be a big deal for you. However, choosing the right material is crucial. The reason - the material you pick determines the features, composition, pricing, and durability of the piece you want to purchase.

Silver Wings of an Angel Jewelry

Here is a list of some commonly used metals for crafting funeral jewelry. Keep reading!

Stainless steel

It is a pocket-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, and durable metal. It is an alloy made from iron, other metals, and carbon. It comes with a beautiful luster and has anti-corrosion properties. If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to most metals, stainless steel jewelry for cremated ashes is something you can count on.

Sterling silver

If silver and gold are not your go-to metal, sterling silver cremation jewelry could be a great alternative. Like stainless steel, it is also an alloy. It comprises 92.5% pure silver along with other metals like nickel and copper. If you take proper care of it, it can last for years.


Glass Cremation Pendants or other pieces of jewelry are made using lampwork and glassblowing techniques. No wonder each piece is unique in itself. Although it is not metal, glass can be used with metal to create beautiful and exclusive pieces.

Lotus Cremation Pendant- Rose Gold

Some people love wearing jewelry made from ashes of loved ones. Glass, apart from diamonds and other gemstones, can be used for carving such pieces. At famous shops like Divinity Urns, you can choose from a curated assortment of products.


Are you looking for a good mix of value, purity, versatility, and durability? You should consider wearing a gold necklace for ashes. Gold is available in different variants, including 14k, 18k, and 22K purity levels. It is one of the timeless metals that requires almost no maintenance and does not tarnish at all. The more you wear it, the more it will shine and look stunning.

As unique as your loved one!

Whether you want to buy human or pet cremation jewelry, you can customize it with the type of metal you want. As these pieces allow you to keep the last mortal remains of your loved one, you should make an informed choice and maintain all the safety instructions for wearing them. These pieces are fragile, both physically and emotionally. Handle them with great care and love.

Cremation jewelry for the final disposition

No matter which cremation jewelry you order, it is a discreet and meaningful way to honor the memories of a deceased loved one. One of the best things about these pieces is - no one can differentiate between them and the regular pieces of jewelry you usually wear. Visit Divinity Urns to choose from a mesmerizing collection of handpicked funeral jewelry.

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