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Memorial jewelry For Ashes provides you with a distinctive way to memorialize and pay tribute to someone you have lost forever. By harboring the cremated remains of your loved one, no matter where you go, will not only allow you to heal easily but also honor the departed soul uniquely.

Cremation jewelry for ashes available with top-rated online shops like Divinity Urns allows you to stay connected with the divine presence of the deceased. You will also get a chance to feel close and show your love and dedication towards your loved one with whom you have endless memories.

Lotus Cremation Pendant - Gold

Steps to fill the cremains into a jewelry

If you are wondering how you can store the cremated ashes of your loved one in such small pieces, you are not alone. Every person doing it for the first time comes across the same questions. Don't worry. Going further, you will find a step-by-step guide to fill the cremated remains in a piece of cremation keepsake jewelry. Keep reading!

  1. Locate the opening of the tiny compartment for ashes. The location of the slot is likely to vary according to the products you have bought.
  2. Once you have found the opening (threaded screw) of the compartment, open it using a screwdriver.
  3. Take out the screw and keep it safe.
  4. After opening the internal urn, use the funnel (provided with the jewelry) to fill the ashes in your cremation jewelry bracelet or pendant.
  5. Dear reader, the texture of cremated remains is not fine. So, you may need a small stick to help you fill the same into your jewelry.
  6. Make sure not to overfill the jewelry for ashes of loved one. The internal urn should be around 80% to 90% filled. Always remember you will also have to fasten the threaded screw after filling the ashes. So, there should be sufficient space for it.
  7. It is highly advisable to seal your lockets for ashes (or any other piece you have purchased, such as pendants, necklaces) permanently. You can do it with the help of a high-quality sealant.

When you buy cremation jewelry from a reputed shop like Divinity Urns, you are likely to get the supplies for filling and sealing an urn. Applying a good sealant ensures that no external particles will go inside, and no cremains will come out adding to the durability quotient of the jewelry.

Choose a piece of jewelry from endless options

Like cremation urns, memorial jewelry is also available in numerous designs and materials, including silver, gold, glass, sterling silver, platinum, diamond, among others.

If you wish to honor a religious soul or if you are a religious person, cross cremation jewelry makes an ideal choice. Similarly, there are many more options that you can buy from a reputable online shop like Divinity Urns, such as heart, flower, angel, letters, and so on. Therefore, you will never run out of options.

Love and care in every piece

Although Cremation jewelry for ashes looks similar to those of a regular pendant or necklace you wear, the former could mean an entire world to someone. Therefore, every piece available with Divinity Urns is designed with care, artistry, love, and compassion. As far as the pricing is concerned, we have something for everyone at our shop. So, you will find products in every price range, material, and design.

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