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Custom Engraved Cremation Urns

Engraved Urns for Personalization of Memories

Memories are forever. And, to memorize a deceased loved one, engraved urns make a perfect choice. When you lose someone, you try every possible way to embrace the memories of the departed soul. You have seen many gravestones that are inscribed with thoughtful messages, names of the deceased and dates. What if you could also personalize a heart keepsake urn or cremation urns for human ashes? At Divinity Urns, we understand the need of time and the emotional state of the families who have lost their loved ones. Therefore, we offer a wide range of engraved urns that can be personalized according to the surviving members of a family to commemorate the memories of the deceased.

Personalization relates to closeness, hence engraved urns

Whether you choose to cremate the body of your deceased loved one or perform a traditional burial, the longing to be close to the departed soul exists forever because we know that when it’s gone it’s gone. Our urns for human ashes with inscriptions related to the deceased provide you with a sense of closeness. Pictures or any other object related to your loved one supports you with a continuous sense of eternal collection. Apart from engraved urns, we also showcase various other categories of cremation boxes that you can purchase according to your preferences. Our funeral urns collection includes - angel urns, wood cremation urns, burial urns, stone urns, military urns, adult urns and infant urns for ashes.

What can be inscribed on engraved urns?

Just like gravestones, engraved urns for ashes, heart urn necklace or other jewelry and keepsake cremation urns available with Divinity Urns can bridge the gap between you and your deceased family member. Engraved urns and other memorial urns also serve the purpose of an everlasting reminder of the one you have lost to destiny. Therefore, engraved urns can carry messages like any phrase that gives you the glimpses of the departed soul, short sentiments, scriptural verses, engravings related to fondness, profession, name, and age can be inscribed on engraved urns.

Designing engraved urns for ashes

If you have not purchased or dealt purchasing cremation boxes for ashes or burial urns for human ashes, you might be running short of ideas on designing engraved cremation urns. Although the pain of losing someone cannot be deciphered in words, cremation urns for adults, when personalized provide you with a better sense of closure. An insightful and meaningful glance into the life of your deceased loved one can help you personalize engraved urns. Therefore, before you order customization of engraved urns, make sure to discuss the same with your family members.

Using engraved urns….

For example – your grandfather loved bicycling. So, you can order an engraved urn with an image resembling a bicycle along with his name, a message and date of birth to date of death.  Similarly, you can also order engraved religious urns, football engraved urns, customizable keepsakes for ashes and biodegradable cremation urns.

Heal you pain with engraved funeral urns for ashes

Apart from the dates specifying lifespan, names and other customary stuff, engraved urns like metal cremation urns, wooden urns for human ashes and marble cremation urns also indicate the taste of the departed soul. So, you can also purchase cremation urns for burial or scattering that resembles the lifestyle and preferences of your loved one.

If you make the right amount of effort to get the right engraved urns, you get to feel a deep satisfaction. Customizing engraved cremation vaults, angel urns for human ashes or Purple Cremation urns, provided the departed soul loved the color, according to the life of the deceased can soothe your senses to a great extent and allow you to heal your heart from within.

What role do colors play when it comes to designing engraved urns?

Just like we, relate different colors to different personalities, colors of urns, no matter adult or infant urns say a lot about the deceased. So, choosing cremation urns for burial or any other final disposition method can make a huge difference.

For example, the departed soul loved black color or the color of the national flag. So, you can choose the color of the engraved burial vault accordingly. It’s more like a purple urn for a purple lover, red biodegradable urn for a red and nature lover and so on.

Wood or metal or stone – Engraved urns carry the soul

Whether you choose a wooden urn box, a brass urn or marble urns, making engravings adds more life to the cremation urns. At Divinity Urns, we showcase a huge collection of urns that are made up of different materials. So, you can choose one according to your convenience and final disposition preferences. You can also add a hint of profession and hobbies by choosing military urns, fishing urns, sports urns and veteran urns.

What if you want to wear an urn?

There are a number of people who love to wear the cremated remains of their loved ones in the form of jewelry, heart urn necklace, for example. What if you also have similar wishes, but you also want to perform a traditional cremation ceremony? There is nothing to worry about! You can purchase both cremation jewelry and engrave urns for ashes. In this way, you can do both – perform the type of traditional funeral you want with a large portion of ashes and wear the ashes in a pendant with the rest.

Purchasing quality engraved urns

As far as buying and customizing engraved urns are concerned, at Divinity Urns, we also provide you with quality assurance apart from a wide range of cremation products. Finding the right product when you are mentally off can be a daunting task. Therefore, we provide you with seamless customer support. In case of any problem, you just need to call and all your queries would be answered in the best possible manner. You can also check out our offer zone to get some attractive discounts on selected products. Heal your pain with Divinity Urns’ products.

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