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Angel Urns

Angel Urns for Infants Can Bring Solace in the Life of Parents

No one is ever prepared to choose angel urns for their children, and no one ever will be. The unfortunate death of a child is a life-shattering experience. But the unfortunate parents of those children have to deal with such devastating situations in life and carry on.

We at Divinity Urns understand that “letting go” is the most difficult part. Even though the emotional trauma suffered in such a situation is irreversible, there is a way the parents can keep the last remains of their infants with them forever in angel urns also available as infant urns. The cremains of the infants can be preserved for eternity in these angel urns. Check our store for exclusive collection of baby angel urns which the parents can use for preserving the cremains of the infants forever.

Infants urns for preserving the innocence

They were born as family members, and so they will be. Keep the cremains of the infants of the family in angel cremation urns. Memorial urns for babies are often small-sized marble urns, or it could be a heart urn too.

Wood cremation urns are popular as well. Having such angel urns for human ashes in the house will give a feeling to the family members, especially the parents that the infants are always around. Such cremation urns for human ashes will not just bring solace in the life of the parents, but also of the siblings.

The family members of departed children are often seen wearing these urns as a heart urn necklace or other pieces of jewelry. Urns for human ashes especially small angel urns for the infants are beautiful and alluring. If the angel keepsake urns are kept on the mantle or on a shelf in the house, it will keep reminding the family members as well as the guests of the departed souls.

Baby angel urns can be used as decorative pieces

Our small angel urns for the babies are often kept as decorative pieces in the house. These angel keepsake urns enhance the beauty of the home just like those infants did. The surrounding area of the infant urns for ashes could be decorated with flowers and different other items which will enhance the look of the place further.

The decorative angel urns for infants by Divinity Urns are made in such a manner that you can keep those both in the living room and in a private space in your bedroom. Some parents also choose to keep these decorative angel cremation urns in the rooms for infants. This gives them the feelings that the souls of the departed children are still in those rooms.

Large inventory of angel urns for human ashes

At Divinity Urns, we have a large inventory of angel cremation urns. Probably nowhere else you could find such a wide variety of angel urns for human ashes. There are different sizes to choose from depending on the amount of cremains you’d like to preserve.

If you are planning to preserve the entire cremains, you’d need large sizes of angel urns for ashes. However, these will always be smaller in size as compared to angel urns for adults. Moreover consider the height, weight, and size of the infants or the children who are being cremated. Based on these factors the choice of angel urns for ashes should be made. Sometimes parents who have lost their adult children choose our cremation urns for adults from the store.

Angel urns as cremation jewelry

Just like angel urns for adults, the children urns could also be made into jewelry. There are parents who find it hard to part with the cremains of their infants. Thus, they can make keepsake jewelry pieces like pendants or rings and always keep those with them. A purple urn can be used to create desired jewelry pieces like pendants or rings. In fact, if any parent wants to travel with the cremains of their infants, cremation jewelry makes it easier. They can carry their departed children along wherever they go if they choose to wear cremation jewelry made from angel urns for infants. Moreover, it is inconvenient to carry large urns and often there is a chance of the urns getting damaged or lost in transit. To avoid such hassles you can always choose to make cremation jewelry from the angel urns from our store.

Different types of infant urns materials to choose from

People have varied choices. However, when it comes to choosing something for their children, they are very particular about what they want. Every parent tends to choose the best for their children, even if it’s choosing urns for preserving their last remains. We understand this psychology of parents. That is why we bring the widest collection of angel urns for cremains.

The urns at our store are made of varied materials like wood, stone, metals, and cultured marble. Each of these types of angel urns is designed differently. While some are lacquer-coated, you can also find intricately designed angel urns at Divinity Urns. Some people also prefer sculpture angel urns for preserving the cremains of their beloved children.

The choice of angel urns will depend on the purpose

Are you planning to bury the cremains of the infants? Do you love to grow memorial trees on the cremains of the departed children of the house? At Divinity Urns the options are many when it comes to cremation urns for burial. You just need to decide which funeral urns you’d like the most. There are some parents who like to bury or scatter half the cremains and keep the other half with them. Thus, they should choose both keepsakes for ashes as well as burial urns.

There are parents who prefer to preserve the entire cremains for eternity. They should choose decorative metal cremation urns, purple cremation urns, beautifully engraved urns, or marble cremation urns. The choice is yours and you are the best one to decide what you’d like to do with the cremains of the children.

Sometimes, people also scatter the cremains of the children in their favorite places like in a park or in a specific area of choice of the children. For such purposes you can choose special scattering urns like biodegradable cremation urns.

You can even choose to distribute the cremains of the children among family members by pouring small portions of it in angel urns for ashes. These mini angel urns are then shared with all the family members who can keep these heart keepsake urn pieces as memorabilia or can wear as pendants or rings.

What is the right material to choose?

Before purchasing cremation boxes for ashes, you must decide what is the purpose of putting cremains in such urns for ashes? If you are planning to scatter the cremains, you need specially designed wooden urns for human ashes. Funeral urns for ashes for burial are biodegradable. We have a stock of such cremation urns that can be used to grow memorial trees. In case you are looking for something sturdy and durable you can choose a brass urn. It can also act as a burial vault and prevent outside elements to damage the cremains inside the biodegradable urn in the vault.

How are keepsake urns different from adult cremation urns?

We have separate sections for infant and adult keepsake cremation urns and burial urns for human ashes. Military urns are adult urns with a specific theme. However, religious urns can be used for both although the size you should choose differs. The same goes for a fishing urn for an adolescent and a grown person. Ask us for a guide on choosing a wooden urn box and we will help you.

To preserve the cremains inside the grave, often cremation vaults are used. These are durable metal cremation boxes or stone urns.

Why choose from us?

We understand that you can’t wait long to preserve the cremains of your beloved children in the angel urns of your choice. You want urns that would let you keep the last remains of the children forever in your hearts. Thus, we deliver faster. We also promise that the urns will reach you on time and just within a few days. Moreover, we offer urns at the most reasonable prices. Owing to all these reasons most parents looking for angel urns visit our store.

The death of a child is very difficult to overcome. However, choosing to preserve the cremains in our angel urns will become means of stability in such turbulent times. So, buy angel urns from the store and preserve the cremains of the departed children forever with you.


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