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Infant & Baby Urns

Infant Urns – For a Positive Aura at your Home

No one even thinks of being there, where he or she has to look for infant urns. However, when destiny takes the charge, there is nothing we can do. Losing a child is one of the most unthinkable mishaps of one’s life. Nothing can be as misfortunate as bidding farewell to an infant. At, Divinity Urns, we honor those little angels who left us so very early to their journey to the eternity. Therefore, we have come up with our beautiful range of infant urns for the parents, who have suffered a great loss. Our cremation urns for human ashes and unique baby urns like heart urns, angel urns are thoughtfully designed to let the departed soul rest in peace and allow you to get a sense of closeness to the deceased.

Buying infant urns can be devastating, we are there for you

It is so very overwhelming to lose a baby to miscarriage or any other medical issues. It cannot be compared to any other kind of loss in the world. And, in any case, the smallness of the child cannot feel the immensity of the emptiness left behind. Divinity Urns’ infant urns, like other urns for human ashes aid in the healing process.

Infant urns and memories for a remembrance niche

Infant urns for ashes, alone, will serve the purpose of keepsakes for ashes and it’ll provide you a little bit of relieve. However, if you create a niche of remembrance at your home with angel urns or purple cremation urns, photographs will definitely help you feel the nearness to your baby. Dear parent, when walking through this difficult road, always remember that you are not the only one. There are plenty of other parents too who go through the same pain every day. Preserve the ashes of your infant in cremation boxes and be an epitome to the other parents grieving for their children.

Feel the positive aura with infant urns

Purchasing baby cremation urns or infant urns can wreak havoc on your mind and soul. After all, it is not easy to see your little one like this. However, once such overwhelming circumstances turn up, we can do nothing, but go with the flow. We, at Divinity Urns, know infant cremation urns are one of those items that you would never ever want to purchase. However, we are nothing in front of our fate. Infant urns from Divinity Urns will help you find some peace by seeing your child’s last memories in front of your eyes. Keeping the ashes at your home in baby cremation urns is more likely to spread positive energy in and around your home. After all, nothing in the world is as pure as a child’s heart. Their positive aura is something that will purify things around.

We can fathom your pain. Our infant urns can lessen it

We have been dealing with grieving families since long, therefore, we are pretty much accustomed to the situation. So, while shopping for child cremation urns, angel urns for human ashes, marble urns, burial urns or wood cremation urns from our online store, you will not face any hassle. We strive to provide you with the best possible customer service and satisfaction with our products and services.

Infant urns and much more

Funeral urns are of different types. They come in different colors, designs, shapes, materials and sizes. As far as the materials cremation urns for adults, infants and pets are made of are concerned, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at them –

Cremation urns for burial and other rituals

Apart from the materials, at Divinity Urns, we showcase urns for ashes for different final disposition methods. Take a look –

Choose the color of love, choose infants urns for remembrance

When it comes to infant urns, the colors – blue and pink are the most preferred. Blue is the most chosen color for baby boy cremation urns and pink for baby girl infant urns. However, if you are looking for a purple urn or a white one, you can always choose that. If you are willing to perform a traditional burial ceremony for your little one, then you can also look for a burial vault or a wooden urn box in our collection. Also, infant urns keepsakes and heart keepsake urn make good options when you want to keep the ashes of your angel at home.

Adult engraved urns besides infant urns

Apart from infant urns for ashes, we also showcase a variety of adult urns and pet funeral urns for ashes, like cremation vaults for adults, stone urns for human and pet cremains, biodegradable urns and so on. If your loved one for who you are looking for one of the best cremation boxes for ashes or burial urns for human ashes was associated with some kind of profession or fond of some special kind of activity, then you can shop accordingly.

For example – If you are looking for a brass urn for a soldier, then you can check out our military urns collection. Similarly, a fishing urn for a fishing enthusiast and religious urns for religious souls can be the best options.

Infant urns – Safe haven for the little ones

It has been said that when you really want something from your heart, the entire universe conspires to get that wish of yours fulfilled. Keeping the ashes of your little ones in infant cremation urns will always keep those angelic eyes close to you. You never know, you might get blessed with another angle soon. Infant urns are like a safe haven for the last memories of a deceased angle. Therefore, nothing could be as pious as your child’s remains at your home. So, keep infant urns at your home and let the positive and pure aura of your kid bless you.

Delta Baby Pink Infant Cremation Urn

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Mother of Pearl Cross on Blue

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Delta Blue Infant Cremation Urn

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Blue Butterfly Infant Cremation Urn

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