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Buy the Best Quality Cremation Vaults and Protect the Cremation Urns

Are you looking for a burial vault urn? Till date you’ve known that there are two options available to you when a family member dies – cremation and burial. However, there is a third option too – preserving the cremains. Yes, you can cremate a person and put the cremains inside cremation urns for human ashes. Now, this urn can be placed in a burial vault for cremation urn and buried in the ground. So, how does it help? With the best quality cremation urn vaults, you can now preserve the cremains in the cremation boxes even if the whole thing is buried under the earth. This fulfills the last wish of the person to be buried, a vault for burial takes less space than full body burial in a casket, and also saves money. And, as the cremains inside the vault for burial will not come in contact with natural elements, it will be preserved for a long period of time.

Buy the best cremation vaults at competitive prices

At the online store of Divinity Urns, you can choose the best cremation burial vaults. The keepsakes for ashes made from different types of materials which are durable and keep the burial vault urn safe inside for centuries. However, best quality cremation urn vaults never mean that they have to be pricey and low on prices do not mean that the cremation burial vaults are of low quality. Yes, at our store you will find different varieties of cremation vaults which you can purchase at the most reasonable prices.

Our skilled artisans have put wholehearted efforts to make each burial vault for cremation urns for burial, unique and extravagant. Thus, while you will have enough space to fit in a burial vault urn inside, these cremation vaults, the vaults for urns for ashes look great on the exterior.

Cremation vaults by Divinity Urns are durable

When buried inside the earth, there are different types of pressures exerted on the burial vault urn. If a vault for burial is not used, it would be difficult to save the burial vault urn from concaving under the pressure of the earth above it. Moreover, often crematoriums use different type of machinery and maintenance equipment. These might cause damage to the wooden urn box if not kept inside a vault for burial. The vault for burial actually preserves the cremains inside the cremation boxes for ashes for eternity. Thus, if you ever wish to change the burial site for your loved ones, you can easily do that without hesitation.

We have a large inventory

As you search for the best cremation urns for burial, just take a glance at our large inventory. We stock marble cremation urns, biodegradable wooden urns for human ashes, beautiful angel urns, metal cremation urns, as well as infant urns for ashes. You can choose adult urns as condolence gifts for the grieving families. A heart urn each to all the family members of the deceased person will show you care about them even in such a situation of crisis.

Reasons for purchasing cremation vaults from Divinity Urns

You must have noted that there are quite a few sellers of a vault for burial. So, why us? This is mainly because we have served our clients always with the best quality cremation vaults and biodegradable cremation urns. Over the years we have established customer loyalty for the quality of our funeral urns, customer services, as well as for offering timely deliveries. Given below is a short list of reasons why would you choose us for purchasing a vault for burial:

  • The main reason for choosing keepsake cremation urns from us is our wide range of collection. We understand your choices and needs that is the reason we have a stock of cremation vaults of all sizes and materials. Choosing a burial vault urn from such a large inventory is always beneficial.
  • If you are looking for a store that would offer free delivery of cremation vaults that and wood cremation urns you are purchasing, choose us. We will deliver the bought funeral urns for ashes within a few days to your doorstep. Now, you do not have to wait for days to be able to transfer the cremains of your loved one in a vault for burial. Thus, you should be able to start the procedures and rituals for the burial within a few days of passing away of your loved ones.
  • Seldom there is a store for vault for burial that offers the best quality materials on burial urns at the most reasonable prices. We at Divinity Urns ensure that you are going to receive the best quality memorial urns. Our prices for cremation vaults are most competitive in the market and thus, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to purchase from our online store.
  • We also offer dedicated customer support to all our buyers. Thus, if you have any queries regarding the burial vault urn you purchased, we will readily respond. We will also make sure that you could request a return and get the actual vault for burial you chose. In addition to all these, we would also provide you the convenience to be able to pay for the bought items. Placing an order for a vault for burial at our store is not difficult. We offer 100 % secured payment gateways.

Traveling with cremains

If you are planning to travel with an urn, you should not choose stone urns and must opt for wood cremation urns instead. This is because, a brass urn or a box made of stone is not scannable. Thus, you may not be allowed to carry such an urn. Moreover, containers like military urns contain the entire cremains and carrying it in a heavy container would be inconvenient, especially for long distance trips.

If possible choose to carry a heart urn necklace along. Such a piece of jewelry often made from beautiful, small angel urns for human ashes can be worn by the parent or the family member of the deceased. This is a great way to reduce the hassles of traveling with an urn. However, if you are carrying a biodegradable urn, there should not be much problems at the scanners in airports.

Don’t restrict your choices!

At Divinity Urns, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing between engraved urns, infant urns, purple cremation urns, and religious urns. There are a plethora of different cremation vaults available here too. You can pick the burial urns for human ashes you like the most as the final resting place of your loved one. We understand that everyone has a different taste and purpose for purchasing cremation urns for adults. Thus, we have kept an assortment of cremation vaults to choose from. You can choose a small burial vault urn for burying a portion of the cremains while you use the other half in keepsake urns in your home or distribute among the relatives as jewelry pieces. There are different sizes of cremation vaults available here. If you are not sure of the size you should pick, call us or contact us at the details provided. We’d be happy to help you in this moment of crisis.

Pick a special urn!

If the deceased person loved fishing as a hobby, you can choose a suitable fishing urn for keeping his cremains. Similarly, a heart keepsake urn can be chosen for preserving a portion of the cremains of a child. And, a purple urn with intricate designs can be chosen for a woman who was fashionable and a perfectionist in her life.

We’d cross check whether you are getting the right vault for burial you had chosen at our store and will also ensure timely delivery of the bought metal or marble urns. However, if still, you have certain queries and questions to ask, we will always be there to listen to you. We do not just aim at selling cremation vaults but want to make things convenient so that you can cope up easily with the engulfing grief without having to worry about things like choosing a vault for burial of the cremains of your deceased relative.
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Solid Rosewood Cremation Urn - Real Tree Design

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Rose Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

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Pink Onyx Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

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Pink Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

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Royal Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

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Camouflage Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

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