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Wooden Cremation Boxes

Cremation Boxes Could Be The Best Condolence Gifts!

Gifting someone is not always a happy experience. Especially, giving someone cremation boxes as condolence gifts is probably one of the hardest moments of one’s life. Cremation boxes are given to a friend or a relative who has just lost a loved one. It is often difficult to find a suitable gift for such occasion. Divinity Urns brings to you beautiful cremation boxes to help you express your sympathy with the person/s and to say that you are equally gloomy for the loss of someone special in their lives.

Our cremation boxes for human ashes are thoughtful

If you know that they are planning to bury the cremains of their loved ones in cremation urns for human ashes, you can choose from our collection of cremation boxes for burial. So, if possible, before buying urn boxes for ashes as condolence gifts, try to learn about the intentions of the immediate family members of the deceased. It will be easy for you to choose the urn boxes for ashes from our store.

Cremation boxes for human ashes from Divinity Urns are thoughtful in their own way. We have a substantial stock of different styles and designs of memorial boxes for ashes as well as cremation vaults. Wooden urns for human ashes are often chosen by environmentally conscious individuals. But before determining the size of the cremation boxes for ashes you must decide whether you’d let them preserve a portion or the entire cremains or not.

If the family has plans to preserve the cremains you can choose keepsake cremation urns. Such cremation urns for burial are available in the forms of angel urns, stone urns, engraved urns, military urns, metal cremation urns. For the cremains of aged, God-fearing people you can choose religious urns as gifts. Such funeral urns  for human ashes will keep reminding everyone about the pious nature of the deceased people. Marble urns are also quite popular for such purposes. You may even purchase intricately carved marble cremation urns or a heart keepsake urn as per the likings of the individuals you are purchasing for.

We have a plethora of options

We at Divinity Urns understand that different people have different views regarding the last rituals of their dead relatives. While there are some people who like to put the cremains in specialized cremation boxes for burial and bury the cremains, others preserve the cremains as keepsakes. One can even choose to put the urn inside a burial vault before burying it. Wood cremation urns are often chosen by people who are looking for biodegradable cremation urns. Such burial urns get decomposed easily and the cremains are returned to nature.

We have cremation urns for adults which can be preserved in a columbarium for everyone to pay visit. Then, there are people who make jewelry like a heart urn necklace from the small cremation boxes and wear those on special occasions. At Divinity Urns, options on cremation urns are many; only you need to know what you exactly want. Cremation boxes for ashes that are beautifully decorated and colored are often kept on the mantle or on the shelves in the living rooms where those could be seen by the family members as well as guests and the departed family members could be remembered by all.

Sometimes people also love to keep the ashes boxes for adults in private spaces like the wardrobe or on the bedside table. If the departed persons were close to the heart of the person to whom you are gifting urns for ashes, you should try to purchase cremation boxes for human ashes that would easily fit in a wardrobe or on a small table by the bed. Such keepsakes for ashes are often beautiful with customized images and quotes. Our funeral urns for ashes are exclusive and there is hardly any other store where you should be able to find such burial urns for human ashes.

Urns for all!

If you think that a wooden urn box is just for the aged and the diseased, you are wrong. Even though it is hard to come to terms with, there are infant urns for ashes too. We also have a separate section for hobby-based urns at our store. Thus, a fishing urn could be bought for keeping the cremains of a person who loved fishing as a hobby. Likewise, a brass urn could chosen or a wooden urn box. If you know the purpose, it will be a lot easy for you to choose urns.

Help your friends and relatives grow memorial trees

There are probably no better condolence gifts than cremation boxes for burial that would grow into a large memorial tree. At Divinity Urns, you will find a large collection of such biodegradable urn or degradable urn boxes for ashes. These cremation urns are often made of special biodegradable materials which integrate easily to the environment and do not cause any kind of pollution or harm to the ecological balance. When these cremation boxes are placed into the soil, in no time a tree grows out of each. These trees will grow large and keep reminding the departed persons. The family can put up a bench underneath a memorial tree in their backyard and sit there for hours. Family picnics could also be arranged by the side of the trees that grew out of cremation boxes for cremains.

Our collections of condolence gifts are unique and inexpensive

Divinity Urns has a large collection of cremation boxes which you can purchase as condolence gifts. And, the best part is, we do not have exorbitant prices for the urns. There are urns made of different types of materials like stone, wood, and metal. You may choose wooden cremation boxes with intricate designs or metal urns that are lacquer coated.

You will get many different colors of lacquer coated brass cremation boxes at our store. In fact, our stone cremation boxes with varied designs are quite popular. To purchase cremation boxes as condolence gifts you do not have to spend a lot of money. At Divinity Urns, we have cremation boxes that are of different shapes and sizes. You can choose tea light urns, pendants, keepsake decorative urns, or even a memorial tree urn as discussed.

The purchase should be thoughtful enough

When you are purchasing memorial urns as gifts, it must be thoughtful. This is important because you are not purchasing adults urns for yourself. So, you must consider the respective family’s or individual’s choices in terms of adult urns. If you have thought if gifting something beautiful which can be kept as a showpiece in the house, purple cremation urns are the best options. Infant urns are often shaped as angel urns for human ashes. A heart urn each can be gifted to all the family members who would like to keep a portion of the cremains with them. A purple urn will look great as a piece of jewelry.

We promise you the best customer service both before and after you purchase cremation boxes from us. Thus, you can contact us for any query regarding the boxes we have in our inventory. In case you need personalized urns for cremation ashes, do let us know. Moreover, if you are looking for any personalization or customizations on the urns, you can let us know. We will also make sure that you are getting the exact product you saw and placed an order for. Divinity Urns understands the urgency of buying cremation boxes, so we won’t delay in delivering the urns to you. Once the order is placed, you will get the products delivered within just a few days.

Our shipping and return policies are easy!

Placing orders for cremation boxes or urns for human ashes for giving as condolence gifts is easy at Divinity Urns. You should be able to check our entire inventory and select the urns you like as gifts. Placing orders for the boxes just take a few clicks. We offer multiple payment modes through which you can pay for the cremation boxes for ashes you choose to purchase. If you get something that you do not want or have placed an order wrongfully, you can place a return request.

After receiving the order if you feel that you want something else and want to reorder the selected items, you can readily place return request. We will accept your request promptly so that you get exactly what you were looking for. In case you need any help with your purchase, you can email us or call us between CST 9 am to 4 pm. We will help and guide you to choose the right cremation boxes that you’d like to purchase as consolation gifts for someone you care.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a suitable condolence gift for your friends/relatives/colleagues. They are sure to love to receive our unique and thoughtful cremation boxes.

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